4May 2016
May 4, 2016

Experience The Heart Of Donnybrook

Family, friends, a hot cup of coffee, a good meal, great conversation, music that gets your foot “a tapping” a caring smile, a spoon and a banana split, a place that feels like home – we think that is the heart of the Donnybrook.

We can cut the grass, put up the stage, lay out the chairs, hang the curtains and hoist the banner – but in the minds of all our great volunteers – we know it is just a little bit more than that – the welcome mat is out and the light is on and the door is always open.

It only feels fitting to thank you, those who come back year after year to experience everything that is The Donnybrook. We do it for you and none of it could be possible without your support.

We are hoping by the time you drive up the lane – you will see the shell of our new building, the contract has been signed, the down payment made. Keep your eyes open and check our website and our face book page regularly – we are close to having some rendered drawings and some engineered blue prints.

Does this mean – we will have a new stage? That will come in 2017 as we have decided a two year plan will be less disruptive to all the great things that occur each summer on the grounds of the North Dorchester Agricultural Society.

On behalf of the entire Donnybrook Fiddle and Step Dance Competition – welcome home – its great to see you again.

Mark and Kathy Williams