1Aug 2017
Aug 1, 2017

2017: A letter from your host

We know 14 is not a common number to sit back and reflect on, but then again Donnybrook always prides itself on being a bit different, so this should be no surprise to any of you.

This past year has been filled with surprises, some good, some bad, and some that left us with our mouths wide open saying WTH – “what the heck”!?

We do believe that we are a fiddle and step family, as many things that happen go beyond the Donnybrook weekend, and touch all our lives in many ways. There has been joy and sadness, and it has taught us how much love and support we have for one another. So, lets make this weekend about remembering those times as well, and the kind words that are shared through text message, Facebook, email, and phone calls. It will be so great to see everyone again this year, thank you in advance for coming. It always speaks volumes seeing your faces in person.

Things look a little different from last year, well at least from the outside. Now that you are in the Donnybrook Hall again – yes, that is still the stage that we promised would never be used “again next year”. The building expansion finally started after the Dorchester Fair last Thanksgiving, but unfortunately we had a few rain days that delayed construction, waiting for the ground to dry, waiting for construction sub trades to be rescheduled, meaning we are not to the point we thought we’d be by this time. We have not obtained occupancy status, so it’s just a thing of beauty that we can only look at, at this point in time. They say all good things are worth waiting for…

As always, we are so grateful for the support we receive from volunteers, businesses, service groups, and sponsors. The Donnybrook weekend would not be what it is without the abundance of help and support we receive year after year.

We hope you enjoy your weekend with us, it will be so great to see the many familiar faces returning again. To all the new faces – ‘welcome to the family’, we hope to see you again in the years to come.
Mark & Kathy Williams