Step Dancing

YoungestNolan Allardyce, Brantford

9 & Under

1st placeElla Bangs, Orleans

2nd placeAllison Merkel, St. Paul

3rd placeMikenzie Skinner, Centralia

4th placeJessie MacAlpine, Woodstock

12 & Under

1st placeTom Fitzgerald, Bancroft

2nd placeColleen Jenish, Oshawa

3rd placeTessa Bangs, Orleans

4th placeAlanna Jenish, Oshawa

18 & Under

1st placeSarah Robinson, Alton

2nd placeJulie Fitzgerald, Bancroft

3rd placeKerry Fitzgerald, Bancroft

4th placePat Fitzgerald, Bancroft

19 to 35

1st placeHugh Norris, Ingersoll

36 to 49

1st placeLinda Duncan, Ingersoll

2nd placeJanice Ballagh, Teeswater

3rd placeNancy Norris, Staffa

4th placeBruce Norris, Staffa

50 & Over

1st placeHoward Edgerton, Guelph

2nd placeBill Peddie, Dorchester

Junior Group

1st placeSlick Kickin' Clickers, Oshawa

2nd placeThe Ballagh Bunch, Teeswater

3rd placeFour on the Floor, Stratford

4th placeCountry Connection, Mitchell

Open Group

1st placeEverything Fitz, Bancroft

2nd placeTrilogy, Brampton

Open Step Dance

1st placeBridget Norris, Staffa

2nd placeSarajayne Sweetland, Ingersoll

3rd placeMaigan Hominick, Ingersoll


YoungestDuncan Chevrier, Ingersoll

9 & Under

1st placeElla Bangs, Orleans

2nd placeCeline Murray, Dorchester

3rd placeCollin Allardyce, Brantford

4th placeMax Chevrier, Ingersoll

12 & Under

1st placeTom Fitzgerald, Bancroft

2nd placeEmily Yarascavitch, Oshawa

3rd placeTessa Bangs, Ottawa

4th placeGreg Williams, Dorchester

18 & Under

1st placeJulie Fitzgerald, Bancroft

2nd placePatrick Wieller, Brampton

3rd placeKerry Fitzgerald, Bancroft

4th placeErika Wieller, Brampton

19 to 49

1st placeRay Pettigrew, Forest

2nd placeBridget Norris, Staffa

3rd placeLinda Duncan, Ingersoll

50 to 64

1st placeKen Cook, Dorchester

2nd placeGeorge Bartram, St. Catharines

3rd placeMargaret DeLong, Embro

4th placeRachel Jenkins, Welland

Junior Duet

1st placeG Williams & D Martene, Dorchester

2nd placeE & T Bangs, Orleans

3rd placeJ & S Romijn, Goderich

4th placeM & D Ballagh, Teeswater

Duet Fiddle

1st placeJ & K Fitzgerald, Bancroft

2nd placeE & P Wieller, Brampton

Open Fiddle

1st placeShane Cook, Dorchester

2nd placeMatthew Johnson, Waterdown

3rd placeChuck Joyce, London

4th placeMaigan Hominick, Ingersoll