Step Dancing

YoungestMatthieu Mongeon, Mississauga

Gabriella Mongeon, Mississauga

9 & Under

1st placeKristen Walsh, Egmondville

2nd placeShelby Green, Wingham

3rd placeOlivia Schaefer, St. Agatha

4th placeLauren Thompson, Wroxeter

5th placeKaela English, Baden

6th placeAmy Pinkus, Oshawa

12 & Under

1st placeKyle Waymouth, Stratford

2nd placePaige Ballagh, Teeswater

3rd placeAllison Merkel, Stratford

4th placeHannah Bush, Stratford

5th placeKeaton Rutherford, Embro

6th placeAmy Larsen, New Hamburg

15 & Under

1st placeHeather Norris, Staffa

2nd placeEmily Yarascavitch, Oshawa

3rd placeMichael Ballagh, Teeswater

4th placeBryden Rutherford, Embro

5th placeChelsea Mott, Stratford

6th placeGreg Williams, Dorchester

18 & Under

1st placeDevon Ballagh, Teeswater

2nd placeKurtis Waymouth, Stratford

3rd placeSarah Van Allen, Millbank

19 to 49

1st placeJanice Ballagh, Teeswater

2nd placeNancy Norris, Staffa

3rd placeRita Hickey, Brampton

4th placeLouis Pharand, North Bay

5th placeKimberly Neudorf, Dorchester

50 & Over

1st placeHoward Edgerton, Guelph

2nd placePauleen Bartram, St. Catharines

3rd placeWalt Carruthers, Stratford

Junior Group

1st placeMach IV, Stratford

2nd placeStep Sisters, Wroxeter

3rd placeCanadian Steppers, Milverton

4th placeMaxwell & the Silver Hammers, Ingersoll

Open Group

1st placeThe Ballagh Bunch, Teeswater

2nd placeSibling Rivalry, Stratford

3rd placeThe KGB, Dorchester

4th placeThe Flaming Tappers, Stratford

5th placeWhat the H.E.C., London

6th placeThe Red Hot Chili Steppers, Dorchester/Thamesford

Open Step Dance

1st placePatrick Pharand, North Bay

2nd placeMaigan Hominick, Ingersoll

3rd placeCourtney Rosso, London

4th placeMelissa Bailey, Woodstock

5th placeKristen Wein, Thamesford

6th placeEmily Siderius, Dorchester


YoungestMatthieu Mongeon, Mississauga

Gabriella Mongeon, Mississauga

9 & Under

1st placeCeline Murray, Dorchester

2nd placeAndrew Dawydchak, Etobicoke

3rd placeDiana Dawydchak, Etobicoke

4th placeAmy Pinkus, Oshawa

5th placeLaureen Thompson, Wroxeter

6th placeMatthew Ballagh, Teeswater

12 & Under

1st placeAshley Giles, St. Mary's

2nd placeKyle Waymouth, Stratford

3rd placeSabrina Rankin, Sarnia

4th placePaige Ballagh, Teeswater

5th placeMax Chevrier, Ingersoll

6th placeTeagan Chevrier, Ingersoll

15 & Under

1st placeEmily Yarascavitch, Oshawa

2nd placeAynsley Porchak, Woodstock

3rd placeGreg Williams, Dorchester

4th placeSolange Lalone, Van Caron

5th placeAlicia Blore, Toronto

6th placePatric Pharand, North Bay

18 & Under

1st placeSam Romign, Goderich

2nd placeArthur Ross, Appin

3rd placeMaigan Hominick, Ingersoll

4th placeDevon Martene, Crediton

5th placeNellie Quinn, Signey, BC

6th placeDevan Ballagh, Teeswater

19 to 49

1st placeRay Pettigrew, Forest

2nd placeJeff Millar, Dashwood

3rd placeLouis Pharand, North Bay

4th placeFiona Chevier, Ingersoll

5th placeRose Yarascavitch, Oshawa

6th placeShannon Chattington, Ingersoll

50 to 64

1st placeRay Brisson, Oshawa

2nd placeRachelle Jenkins, Welland

3rd placeShirley Wardle, Thamesford

4th placeGeorge Partram, St. Catharines

65 & Over

1st placeGerry Smith, Exeter

2nd placeReal Levesque, Burlington

3rd placeAndrew Clark, Mississauga

4th placeWil Lyman, Armanda, Michigan

Junior Duet

1st placeE Yarascavitch & A Blore, Oshawa

2nd placeD & A Dawydchak, Etobicoke

Duet Fiddle

1st placeC Joyce & G Henry, London

2nd placeG Williams & D Martene, Dorchester

3rd placeD & M Ballagh, Teeswater

4th placeP & L Pharand, North Bay

Gospel Duet Fiddle

1st placeE Yarascavitch & G Williams, Dorchester

2nd placeP & L Pharand, North

Open Fiddle

1st placeChuck Joyce, London

2nd placeGreg Henry, Sombra

3rd placeMatthew Johnson, Waterdown

4th placeDan Mighton, Hanover