Step Dancing

YoungestGrant Ziebarth, Pakenham

9 & Under

1st placeAmanda MacInnes, Dundalk

2nd placeEvelyn Walsh, Egmondville

3rd placeKatie Paradis, Milverton

4th placeJoshua Noseworthy, New Hamburg

5th placeArianne Burnside, Carleton Place

6th placeAnnika Burnside, Carleton Place

12 & Under

1st placeKristen Walsh, Egmondville

2nd placeIan Grieve, Embro

3rd placeMaria Peppler, Orangeville

4th placeLauren Thompson, Wroxeter

5th placeLeigha Thompson, Wroxeter

6th placeKatie Luckhardt, Milverton

15 & Under

1st placeKyle Waymouth, Stratford

2nd placeKeaton Rutherford, Embro

3rd placeAlana Jenish, Oshawa

4th placeHannah Bush, Stratford

5th placeAllie Merkel, St. Pauls

6th placeAshley LeMoire, Warsaw

18 & Under

1st placeColleen Jenish, Oshawa

2nd placeJodie Todd, London

3rd placeEmily Yarascavitch, Oshawa

4th placeBryden Rutherford, Embro

5th placeChelsea Mott, Stratford

6th placeMiranda DeWetering, Sebringville

19 to 49

1st placeRachel Clouthier, Ottawa

2nd placeRita Hickey, Brampton

3rd placeLisa Peterson, Toronto

50 & Over

1st placeSadie Culliford, Stratford

2nd placePaddy Woods, Mitchell

3rd placeHoward Edgerton, Guelph

4th placePauleen Bartram, St. Catharines

Junior Group

1st place2 Lucky Guys, Embro

2nd placeHappy Feet, Egmondville/Dundalk

3rd placeMy Sister Did It, Pakenham

Open Group

1st placeFusion, Braeside/Egmondville/Ottawa

2nd placeMach IV, Stratford

Open Step Dance

1st placeSarah Robinson, Alton

2nd placeKelsey Verch, Egmondville

3rd placeSarahjayne Sweetland, Ingersoll

4th placeBecky Felhaver, Braeside

5th placeErika Wieler, Brampton


YoungestAnnika Burnside, Carleton Place

9 & Under

1st placeAmanda MacInnis, Dundalk

2nd placeJoelle Criger, Toronto

3rd placeMary Ziebarth, Dundalk

4th placeArianne Burnside, Carleton Place

5th placeAnnika Burnside, Carleton Place

12 & Under

1st placeCeline Murray, Dorchester

2nd placeElly Wedge, Ottawa

3rd placeAndrew Dawdychak, Etobicoke

4th placeDiana Dawydchak, Etobicoke

5th placeAmy Pinkus, Oshawa

6th placeMaeghan Ziebarth, Pakenham

15 & Under

1st placePhillip Provencher, Oshawa

2nd placeAshley Giles, St. Marys

3rd placeAlana Jenish, Oshawa

4th placeDelaney Ziebarth, Pakenham

5th placeSabrina Rankin, Sarnia

6th placeEvan Murphy, Wallaceburg

18 & Under

1st placeEllen Daly, Ottawa

2nd placeAynsely Porchak, Woodstock

3rd placeColleen Jenish, Oshawa

4th placeEmily Yarascavitch, Oshawa

5th placeChelsea Mott, Stratford

19 to 49

1st placeCelina Dicecca, London

2nd placeCassandra Swan, St. Catharines

3rd placeJeff Miller, Dashwood

50 to 64

No entries

65 & Over

1st placeAndy Clarke, Mississauga

2nd placeGeorge Bartram, St. Catharines

3rd placeKen Cook, Dorchester

4th placeScott McHardy, St. Thomas

5th placeRachelle Jenkins, Welland

Junior Duet

1st placeD & A Dawydchak, Etobicoke

2nd placeM & D Ziebarth, Pakenham

Duet Fiddle

1st placeE & P Provencher, Oshawa

2nd placeA Porchak & E Yarascavitch, Woodstock

3rd placeA & C Jenish, Oshawa

4th placeG Henry & E Wieler, Sarnia

5th placeE Daly & E Wedge, Ottawa

6th placeC Swan & G Bartram, St. Catharines

Gospel Duet Fiddle

1st placeA Porchak & E Yarascavitch, Woodstock

2nd placeE & P Provencher, Oshawa

3rd placeC & A Jenish, Oshawa

Grass Roots

1st placeAynsley Porchak, Woodstock

2nd placeAshley Giles, St. Marys

3rd placeAndy Clarke, Mississauga

4th placeGeorge Bartram, St. Catharines

Open Fiddle

1st placeDan Mighton, Hanover

2nd placeGreg Henry, Sombra

3rd placeMathew Johnson, Waterdown

4th placeErika Wieler, Brampton

5th placeEric Provencher, Oshawa