Step Dancing

YoungestOlivia Paterson, Ingersoll

9 & Under

1st placeXavier Leahy, Orangeville

2nd placeMhari Donohue, Douglas

3rd placeMilkayla Wills, Metcalfe

4th placeAliyah Leahy, Orangeville

5th placeGregory Leahy, Lakefield

6th placeHannah Donohue, Douglas

12 & Under

1st placeAdele Leahy, Lakefield

2nd placeAmanda MacInnis, Dundalk

3rd placeKatie Paradia, Milverton

4th placeMika McCairley, Guelph

5th placeDiana Dawydchak, Etobicoke

6th placeCharlotte Van Barr, Kinburn

15 & Under

1st placeMaria Peppler, Orangeville

2nd placePatrick Linton, Mitchell

3rd placeKatie Luckhardt, Milverton

4th placeCharlotte Clare, Caledon

5th placeJulia Gywn, St. Marys

6th placeAndrew Dawydchak, Etobicoke

18 & Under

1st placeEmily Flack, Dorchester

2nd placeKeaton Rutherford, Embro

3rd placeAlanna Jenish, Oshawa

4th placeChelsea Mott, Stratford

5th placeEmily Yarascavitch, Oshawa

6th placeMiranda DeWetering, Sebringville

19 to 49

1st placeTom Fitzgerald, Bancroft

2nd placeHeather Norris, Staffa

3rd placeBryden Rutherford, Embro

4th placeLisa Peterson, Embro

50 & Over

1st placeRaymond T Gignac, Penetang

2nd placePaddy Woods, Mitchell

3rd placeHoward Edgerton, Guelph

4th placePauleen Bartram, St. Catharines

Junior Group

1st placeAnd Then There Were 4, Lakefield

2nd placeTriple Take, Carleton Place

3rd placeThe Tavi Steppers, Tavistock

4th placeThe Flicking Flackers, Ottawa Valley

Open Group

1st placeJust Like That, Stratford

2nd placeEverything Fitz, Bancroft

3rd placeMakk It Work, Stratford

Open Step Dance

1st placeJulie Fitzgerald, Bancroft

2nd placeKyle Waymouth, Stratford

3rd placeSarahjayne Sweetland, Ingersoll

4th placeKerry Fitzgerald, Bancroft

5th placeSarah Robinson, Alton

6th placeBecky Reid, Braeside


YoungestGibson Lemelin, Val Therese

9 & Under

1st placeJoelle Criger, Toronto

2nd placeXavier Leahy, Orangeville

3rd placeGregory Leahy, Lakefield

4th placeAbbie Steckly Leis, Waterloo

5th placeReid Warren, Metcalfe

6th placeAngus Leahy, Lakefield

12 & Under

1st placeDiana Dawydchak, Etobicoke

2nd placeAmanada MacInnis, Dundalk

3rd placeAdele Leahy, Lakefield

4th placeCharlotte Van Barr, Kinburn

5th placeAidan Donohue, Douglas

6th placeMarilena Mohan, Conestogo

15 & Under

1st placeCeline Murray, Dorchester

2nd placeAndrew Dawydchak, Etobicoke

3rd placeElla Bangs, Ottawa

4th placeMaria Peppler, Orangeville

5th placeKatie Duncan, Paris

6th placeRachel Kulawic, Beamsville

18 & Under

1st placeAynsley Porchak, Woodstock

2nd placeEmily Yarascavitich, Oshawa

3rd placeAlanna Jenish, Oshawa

4th placeTessa Bangs, Ottawa

5th placePhilip Provencher, Oshawa

6th placeSabrina Rankin, Sarnia

19 to 49

1st placeColleen Jenish, Oshawa

2nd placeArthur Ross, Appin

3rd placeKyle Felhaver, Braeside

4th placeMelika Lemelin, Val Therese

5th placeFiona McCairley, Guelph

6th placeCassandra Swan, St. Catharines

50 to 64

No entries

65 & Over

1st placeAndrew Clarke, Mississauga

2nd placeReal Levesque, Burlington

3rd placeKen Cook, Dorchester

4th placeGeorge Bartram, St. Catharines

5th placeScott McHardy, St. Thomas

Duet Fiddle

1st placeT Fitzgerald & G Henry, Sombra

2nd placeJ & K Fitzgerald, Bancroft

3rd placeE & P Provencher, Oshawa

4th placeA & C Jenish, Oshawa

5th placeD & A Dawydchak, Etobicoke

6th placeE & T Bangs, Ottawa

Gospel Duet Fiddle

1st placeK & J Fitzgerald, Bancroft

2nd placeC & A Jenish, Oshawa

Grass Roots

1st placeKerry Fitzgerald, Bancroft

2nd placeJulie Fitzgerald, Bancroft

3rd placeAlanna Jenish, Oshawa

4th placeAynsley Porchak, Woodstock

5th placeTom Fitzgerald, Bancroft

6th placeAndrew Clarke, Mississauga

Open Fiddle

1st placeGreg Henry, Sombra

2nd placeTom Fitzgerald, Bancroft

3rd placeJulie Fitzgerald, Bancroft

4th placeKerry Fitzgerald, Bancroft

5th placeEric Provencher, Oshawa

6th placePaul Lemelin, Val Therese