Step Dancing

YoungestBailey Lemelin, Val Therese

9 & Under

1st placeMary Frances Leahy, Douro

2nd placeAliyah Leahy, Orangeville

3rd placeKelsey Warren, Metcalfe

4th placeMariah Leahy, Douro

5th placeAnastasia Burnside, Carleton Place

6th placeSavannah Leahy, Orangeville

12 & Under

1st placeXavier Leahy, Orangeville

2nd placeMikayla Wills, Metcalfe

3rd placeClara Roth, Tavistock

4th placeAnna Tigani, Stratford

5th placeLeo Stock, Stratford

6th placeAnnika Burnside, Carleton Place

15 & Under

1st placeAmanda MacInnis, Dundalk

2nd placeGrace Laceby, Sharon

3rd placeKatie Paradis, Milverton

4th placeCharlotte Van Barr, Kinburn

5th placeMika McCairley, Guelph

6th placeArianne Burnside, Carleton Place

18 & Under

1st placeMegan Fuller, Metcalfe

2nd placeMaria Peppler, Orangville

3rd placeCharlotte Clare, Orangeville

4th placeKatie Luckhardt, Milverton

19 to 49

1st placeMiranda DeWettering, Kinkora

2nd placeHeather Norris, Mississauga

3rd placeAdrianna Ciccone, Timmins

4th placeChelsea Mott, Stratford

50 & Over

1st placeRaymond T. Gignac, Penetanguishene

2nd placePauleen Bartram, St. Catharines

3rd placeHoward Edgerton, Guelph

Junior Group

1st placeElectriCALL SToRM, Stratford

2nd placeThe A Team, Carleton Place

3rd placeRhythm Foot, Orangeville

4th placeStaccatto, Stratford

5th placeThe Stratford Step Sisters, Stratford

Open Group

1st placeThe Real Deal, Sharon

2nd placeAll Reel Drive, Stratford

3rd placeTake Three, Stratford

4th placeAll About that Step, Chelmsford

Open Step Dance

1st placeJulie Fitzgerald, Bancroft

2nd placeKyle Waymouth, Stratford

3rd placeEmily Yarascavitch, Oshawa

4th placeCourtney Rosso, London


YoungestJulia Leahy, Douro

9 & Under

1st placeMary Frances Leahy, Douro

2nd placeMicheal Leahy, Douro

3rd placeBennett Van Barr, Kilburn

4th placeAliyah Leahy, Orangeville

5th placeKelsey Warren, Metcalfe

6th placeAnastasia Burnside, Carleton Place

12 & Under

1st placeJoelle Crigger, Toronto

2nd placeXavier Leahy, Douro

3rd placeAbbie Steckely-Leis, Waterloo

4th placeReid Warren, Metcalfe

5th placeKelly Guy, Stratford

6th placeKaitlyn Wright, West mount Rose

15 & Under

1st placeDiana Dawydchak, Etobicoke

2nd placeAmanda MacInnis, Dundalk

3rd placeCharlotte Van Barr, Kinburn

4th placeVeronique Hamlin, Chelmsford

5th placeMika McCairely, Guelph

6th placeArianne Burnside, Carleton Place

18 & Under

1st placeAndrew Dawydchak, Etobicoke

2nd placeMaria Peppler, Orangeville

3rd placeGenevieve Hamlin, Chelmsford

4th placeKatie Luckhardt, Milverton

19 to 49

1st placeSabrina Rankin, Sarnia

2nd placeMelika Lemelin, Val Therese

3rd placeWill Wright, West Mount Rose

4th placeCassandra Swan, St. Catharines

50 to 64

1st placeAl Wiomeyer, Kitchener

2nd placeJonathan Koffman, Waterloo

3rd placeBarbara Tarrant, Kitchener

4th placeJanet Sanith, Paris

5th placeKaren Anderson, Toronto

65 & Over

1st placeAndy Clarke, Missisauga

2nd placeGeorge Bartram, St. Catharines

3rd placeKen Hawkins, Teeswater

4th placeJohn Pook, Bayfield

5th placeJohn McKenzie, Burlington

Duet Fiddle

1st placeG Henry & T Fitzgerald, Corruna/Bancroft

2nd placeD & A Dawydchak, Etobicoke

3rd placeE Yarascavitch & K Burghout, Oshawa/Ottawa

4th placeC Murray & Chuck Joyce, Dorchester/London

Gospel Duet

1st placeJ & K Fitzgerald, Bancroft

2nd placeD & A Dawkychak, Etobicoke

Grass Roots

1st placeTom Fitzgerald, Bancroft

2nd placeJulie Fitzgerald, Bancroft

Open Fiddle

1st placeJulie Fitzgerald, Bancroft

2nd placeGreg Henry, Corruna

3rd placeCeline Murray, Dorchester

4th placeTom Fitzgerald, Bancroft