Tickets available online before July 15th or at the door for each event.

Camp Thursday over to Monday (mid-day) and spend only $25.00 per night.

Time Adult Child Pre-School
Thursday Night Competition Kick-Off Concert 7:30pm $15.00 $5.00 FREE
Friday Evening Competition Preliminaries 6:30pm $10.00 $3.00 FREE
Saturday Morning Competition Preliminaries 9:00am $8.00 $3.00 FREE
Saturday Evening Community BBQ Dinner 4 - 6:00pm $14.00 $6.00 FREE
Saturday Night Competition Finals 7:00pm $12.00 $3.00 FREE
Weekend Pass** $25.00 $5.00 FREE

**Does not include Kick-Off Concert or Community BBQ

As someone who has been on the contest circuit for some time, with so many good experiences at all the contests we attend, Donnybrook soon gained a special spot in our hearts. The year Sarajayne decided to leave the 18 & Under category and enter the Open Step category, Donnybrook was looking for sponsors for their very first year. This was the year we lost our beautiful niece and cousin to cancer. Maddi was an accomplished dancer in her own right, and our family thought what a great way to honour her by sponsoring the 18 & Under Step Dance category in her memory. The Donnybrook family assisted us through our time of grief, and allowed us to remember her, and her memory to this very day. The Donnybrook experience has been extremely rewarding for many since its beginning, because of the commitment to making people feel welcome, whether you are new or a veteran.

Donnabeth Sweetland - 2016
Donnabeth Sweetland - 2016

Ten years ago we went to our very first Fiddle & Step Dance Contest. Donnybrook was that contest, and we haven’t missed one since. We are pleased to have met so many fiddle and step dance friends along the way.

Wayne & Bev Rankin - 2015
Wayne & Bev Rankin - 2015