General Rules

  1. Contestants may enter one solo Fiddle Class, one solo Step Dance Class, one Duet Fiddle Class and one Group Step Dance Class (Gospel Duet is not included in this limitation).
  2. Contestants must be ready to perform when called.
  3. All judges decisions are final.
  4. Proof of age may be requested.
  5. Should an accident, beyond the performer's control occur, he/she will be allowed to start the entire performance again.
  6. Prize winning contestants who are tied must repeat their entire performance. Rule No. 2 will apply.
  7. Contestant registrations are considered confidential. Performers must draw for position upon arrival. For continuity of the program the registration committee reserves the right to draw for competitor's position when necessary.
  8. If only enough contestants register to fill the number of finalists positions in any class, the rankings from the preliminary and final performances will be combined to decide the winning positions.
  9. Any contestant having won 1st prize in any one class for 3 consecutive years will not be eligible to compete in that class or any lower class in the 4th year.
Special Note
  1. Finalists and Winners must perform Saturday Night to receive prize winnings.
  2. All registered contestants 12 years old or younger, in Solo Fiddle Classes and in Solo Step Dance Classes who do not place in their class, will receive a participation medal.
  3. Competitors for youngest dancer trophy will have to independently execute formulated steps.
  4. Competitors for youngest fiddler trophy will have to play an entire recognizable fiddle tune.
  5. The Donnybrook Fiddle and Step Dance Competition reserves the right to determine the appropriate class to which a competitor may compete in. The purpose of the competition is to support the growth of Old time Canadian fiddling and Step Dancing. This is best sustained by competitors respecting the categories of competition. No one less than 15 years of age will be allowed to compete in the open fiddle or open solo dance category.
  6. Ranking system of marking will be used for scoring the entire competition.

Specific Step Dance Rules

  1. Solo Contestants must dance a clog, jig, reel, in that order, without stopping. Contestants in 9 and under, 12 and under, 19 to 49, and 50 and over classes must dance a reel only.
  2. Contestants in Group Dancing may use any step dancing routine, not necessarily a clog, jig, reel.
  3. Solo contestants must complete their dance within four minutes. Maximum time for Group Dancing is five minutes.
  4. All dancers may choose their own fiddler. A house fiddler will be available for those who do not have their own. No pre-recorded music allowed.
  5. To qualify as a junior group the average age must be under 13 years. (i.e. Divide total ages of dancers by the number of dancers in the group. e.g. 12.7 or 12.8 years etc. is considered 12 & under)
  6. Three or more dancers make a group. No dancer may compete in more than one group.
  7. Contestants will be judged on the following: timing, precision of steps, quality of steps,variety of steps, and showmanship.