We are proud to once again present the unique ‘Grass Roots Challenge’ Fiddle Class. Competitors will be competing for the Donnybrook Memorial Trophy. This trophy honours past members of the Donnybrook Fiddle and Step Dance Competition.

The purpose of this new class is to test the knowledge of today’s fiddle player and give them an opportunity to pay homage to some of the great Canadian Fiddle tunes. Competitors in this class will be expected to play 3 tunes, (a waltz, a jig and a reel) from the list of 30 potential tunes. Judging will be based upon traditional rulings governing all fiddle classes and will include points for remaining true to the roots of the tune.


  1. This class is open to anyone 13 years of age and older.
  2. Participation in this class does not exclude the fiddler from participating in any other existing classes.
  3. Please refer to the list below for the selection of tunes. Each category of tunes will be put in basket and randomly chosen by the participant.
  4. Participants will draw their 3 tunes (Waltz, Jig & Reel) at the designated time during the Saturday afternoon Playdowns. Finalists will then draw 1 tune at the time of their performance during the Satuday Night Finale.
  5. Have Fun!

30 Potential Playdown Tunes for 2017

Email info@donnybrookfiddle.com to request sheet music for any of the following tunes

10 Potential Tunes for Placement

One tune chosen only at time of performance.